At Holy Trinity Primary School we aim to prepare our students to become good citizens of the future. Through our curriculum, we teach pupils British values and how to celebrate diversity. We aim to raise their awareness of radicalisation and extremist views, whatever the source. We have adopted the principles and advice found in ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018’ and the 2011 ‘Prevent Strategy’. These are incorporated into our school policy on tackling extremism which you can download below.

Use the links below also to download copies of some of our other school policies.

If you require a paper copy of any of our policies, please feel free to pop into the main office and make your request.  A copy will be made available for you.  

  1. Collective Worship Policy Jan2016
  2. Basic Skills Policy Statement April2016
  3. Disability Equality Scheme 2017-2020
  4. Home Learning Policy June2017
  5. Handwriting policy - front page
  6. Handwriting Policy & Guidance
  7. Marking policy Sept 2017
  8. Administration of Medicine Jan 2018
  9. Childrens medication guidance - Nov2017
  10. Community Cohesion Promotion Policy
  11. Non-Collection of Child Policy Jan2018
  12. Separated Parents Policy Jan2018
  13. Holy Trinity Anti-bullying policy June 2018
  14. Children-Young-People-Medication-Guidance June2018
  15. Emergency inhalers in schools DfE March2015
  16. Medication-Management-Arrangements June2018
  17. Child friendly anti bullying policy June2018
  18. Inclusion Policy April 2018
  19. Safeguarding Education Policy Sept2018
  20. Complaints Guidance and Policy April 2018
  21. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Policy
  22. Road Safety Policy 2017
  23. Food in School Policy 2018
  24. Admission Policy September 2018
  25. Holy Trinity SEND policy Sept 2018
  26. Before and After School care policy Sept2018
  27. Cycle to school policy Sept2018
  28. Fire Drill Policy Sept2018
  29. Fire Safety Policy Sept 2018
  30. First Aid Policy Sept 2018
  31. Home school agreement Sept 2018
  32. Lockdown Procedures Sept2018
  33. Mobile Phone Policy 2018
  34. Parent Code of Conduct Sept2018
  35. Pupil Premium Policy Sept 2018
  36. Safeguarding - Preventing Extremism Sept2018
  37. Snow Clearance and Gritting Policy Sept2018
  38. Behaviour policy November 2018
  39. Charging and Remissions Policy Nov2018
  40. Safeguarding Education Policy Nov2018
  41. Abusive or Threatening Behaviour Policy
  42. Assesment, tracking & reporting policy Jan2019
  43. Attendance Policy Jan2019
  44. Bomb Threat and Suspect Packages Guidance Jan2019
  45. Debt Recovery Policy January 2019
  46. Equal ops policy Jan2019
  47. e-Safety Policy Jan 2019
  48. Health and Safety Policy Jan2019
  49. Information Security Policy 2019
  50. Missing child policy Jan 2019
  51. Whole School Reading Policy Jan2019