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This tells you what we have been up to in school.

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  • Class 7 and Lego Robots

    Published 06/02/23, by James Hoskins

    Class 7 were very lucky to go to Burton College and work in the Innovation Studio to build and programme with Lego.  See the attachment to view more.

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  • Class 7 Artists

    Published 27/01/23, by James Hoskins

    Class 7 & have enjoyed looking at Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.

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  • FS1 have had fun in the snow this week!

    Published 19/01/23, by James Hoskins

    FS1 got outside this week and enjoyed the snow.

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  • Class 2 have been looking for clues

    Published 12/01/23, by James Hoskins

    We could not believe it when we returned to school this week and there was a crime scene taped off by the police in our hall.

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  • Class 3 Investigate

    Published 06/01/23, by James Hoskins

    Class 3 have worked hard in their first week back after the Christmas break.

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  • Class 4 Superstars

    Published 15/12/22, by James Hoskins

    Class 4 have been really busy this week!

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  • Class 6 Well Being

    Published 05/12/22, by James Hoskins

    Class 6 have been enjoying their Well being Wednesdays and Feel Good Fridays this half term, supporting their mental health and wellbeing.

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  • Year 5 Visits

    Published 25/11/22, by James Hoskins

    This week in Year 5, we have been on lots of trips out of school! 

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  • Remembering in Year 6

    Published 22/11/22, by James Hoskins

    As part of our work on remembrance, Year 6 cut and sewed red material to create poppies.

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  • FS1 Learning

    Published 08/11/22, by James Hoskins

    See what we have been up to FS1.

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  • Reading in Class 2

    Published 31/10/22, by James Hoskins

    Parent Reading mornings.

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  • Fruit Salad

    Published 18/10/22, by James Hoskins

    This week Class 3 made a fruit salad in Design and Technology.

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