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Spelling & Science in year 6

Class 6 spelling & science work

Class 6 have been busy using different strategies in order to revise our spelling rules. We had a word stuck on our backs with a list to choose from.  We then needed to question others in the class to discover what our word was, asking things such as:

  • Does the word have double consonants?
  •  Is it a noun?
  • How many syllables does it have?
  •  Is it a compound word?  
  • Does it have a root word?


We then took part in ‘Mad Science Day’ where we dressed as scientists and explored different scientific activities. One of the activities was to find out which was the ‘best beak’ out of tweezers, clothes pegs, spoon and small shells, whilst trying to pick up different ‘food’ (playdough, pipe cleaners, rice, raisins).