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Digestion in Class 6

Recreating the digestive system!

Class 6 have really enjoyed learning all about the digestive system this term. We especially loved this lesson - we recreated the digestive system using bananas, biscuits and tights!

To show how our teeth break down food with our saliva, we crushed up biscuits and a banana in a small plastic bag. We then pushed the broken food down a pair of tights to represent its journey through the oesophagus. As it reached the stomach and the small intestine, we squeezed the bag through the tights to show how our body absorbs all the nutrients. Finally, to show what happens to the waste, we pushed the remaining food through the large intestine and into a cup. This is what happens when we use the toilet. Yuk! The classroom was very smelly by the end of the lesson and we all felt a little queasy, but we had so much fun and we learned a lot!