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Class 2 Fossils

In Class 2, we have been learning about dinosaurs!

The children have already learnt about different kinds of dinosaurs, what they look like and what they ate.

This week, when Mr Williams came in to help out in class, he brought in some of his fossil collection. The children were fascinated to see how the fossils had been preserved in the rocks. We looked at the spiral pattern of the ammonite shell and what the body of the trilobite looked like. We then looked at pictures of these creatures to find out more about them.

After this, the children had a go at making their own ammonite-inspired artwork by using oil pastels to draw the ridged, spiral shell and adding an ink wash to draw out the details.

In our learning next week, we will learn about a famous fossil hunter from England and how she discovered all kinds of fossils like those at the seaside!