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COVID-19 Information

IMPORTANT - Changes to Covid Testing Measures

Good morning,

Please find attached a letter from Staffordshire County Council regarding mild symptoms that are currently presenting in younger children.

The County Council are expanding their advice around when to get a test. and want our local community to be more aware of these to stop the spread of the virus.

Currently anyone who has one of the main symptoms of persistent cough, high temperature, new cough or loss of taste or smell must self-isolate immediately and book a test.

However, with many people displaying other symptoms, they are asking residents in Staffordshire to get tested as a precaution if they have other symptoms such as:

• Headaches

• Aches and pains

• Feeling very tired for no good reason

• Sore throat

• Runny nose

• Sneezing

• Sometimes ‘tummy ache’ in children

People with any of these  extra symptoms can carry on going to school or work if they are well enough to do so and only need to self-isolate if the test comes back positive.

The letter contains information regarding how to book a test in these circumstances.  We will be following this advice (which includes that children should remain in school if they are well enough to do so) but a test must be booked with these mild symptoms showing.  We will be checking that any children who display these symptoms  are tested and that you forward the test results to school as soon as you receive them.

Please phone to ask if you are unsure of how to follow this new information and your child is presenting any of these symptoms.

We are, as always, trying to ensure that everyone is as safe as they can be and that we are following the every changing guidance being presented to us.

Thank you all again for your continued support for everything we are doing in school.

Kind regards

Nicola Oliphant