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Parent Reply Survey

Parental Questionnaire Results

Every year we ask our parents to tell us how well they think we are doing here at Holy Trinity, as well as completing the ’Parent View’ for Ofsted at   

We encourage all feedback and are trying to put into place all of the suggestions and ideas our parents have commented on. 

A huge thank you to all of you who completed the questionnaire this year :-)

Some of your ideas we have implemented for September 2013 are:

  • Different times of the day and days of the week for class assemblies - each class now has a class assembly at 9.10am and 2.45pm, they are also on different days of the week
  • Different evenings of the week for Parent Meetings - throughout the year we have one scheduled for a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening
  • Use the home-school diary in FS1 on a daily basis - this is now in place
  • Paint the pencils in the playground – these were painted in the sunny weather in the summer holidays (don’t they look fab?)

Some comments for us to bear in mind for September 2014 are:

  • All information sent home via the children be backed up with a letter or text message - we do this of course, but we do feel that the children need to learn to relay some messages to their parents to start to become independent with some classroom issues.
  • Children answering the phone in the office at lunchtimes - we believe this allows the children to take on responsibilities for simple jobs during the lunchtime period and also to take pride in their school by being our first point of contact with telephone calls and visitors. (They are of course are never left on their own!!)

Some comments for us to bear in mind for September 2015 are:

  • After school club being cancelled due to staff training - There are certain staff training sessions that all members of staff (and the governing body) have to attend in order to ensure there is a consistent message and approach to the way we deal with all aspects of your child's education, safeguarding and welfare properly. This will mean that on some occasions we are unable to offer After School Club one evening a week,  We strive to ensure you are given at the least three month’s notice of these closing dates (and sometimes between three and six month’s notice) on the date sheet on our newsletters. I'm sure you will appreciate the need for this and apologise for the inconvenience this may cause some parents. 

Please see below for our Summer 2018 parental questionnaire results and for Summer 2019's well-being parental questionnaire results. 

Please also find the results from our recent parental survey conducted in June 2023.

Some comments for us to bear in mind for September 2023 are:

  • Parents not aware of the work completed in school during Well-being Wednesdays and Feel Good Fridays - a new Feel Good Friday linear group has been introduced from September 2023.  Hopefully, the children are talking about this at home now.