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Pupil Voice Feedback

At Holy Trinity, pupil voice is very important to us; we feel the children should have a say in the development of the school. So 3 times a year, we hold a ‘Pupil Voice’ session involving every child from FS2 to Year 6.  Over the course of the academic year; every subject holds a 'Pupil Voice' session.  The Governors also have a pupil voice every term.  Each 'Pupil Voice' session is made up of children from each class. They discuss whether previous actions have been met across an aspect of school and what they would like to develop. The children always have strong opinions and all of their views are taken into account; where possible changes are made according to their wishes.

Here is the Pupil Voice Feedback from Autumn 2023 and Spring 2024: 


Spring 2024 Pupil Voice Feedback :-)


We like…

We would like…


Learning about the past

Exploring pictures from the past

Curriculum dress up days

Freeze frames

Going on class trips (we went to the fire station)

Using laptops to research the past

To use drama more

To explore more artefacts

Visit museums / famous landmarks


Learning about different countries around the world

Using maps and atlases

Using globes

Watching Newsround

Doing maths and geography at the same time (coordinates)

To go on more geography trips

To travel to different countries!



Solving hard problems


Teachers giving us examples of what to do

Mrs Steele makes it fun

Roman numerals because its history as well!

To use more resources to help us

To be able to work with a partner more

To explore different ways to find an answer


We like using the Beebots and Crumble kits to programme codes. 

We find our computing lessons fun and we always learn new things!

More chances to complete computing outside of computing lessons





Feeling calm and relaxed

Using lots of different mediums




More time to do art


Making a final product

Making meals

Using different materials

More time to do DT

More time to design their product

Learn how to make healthy meals


Swimming lessons.

Burton Albion teaching us football.

Hockey lessons with Maria from Shobnall sports.

PE lessons which include games.


To compete in more tournaments.

More outdoor PE lessons.

SEND support


 Opal Playtimes

Lunch club

Counters in maths lessons

The Buddy bench and garden

Steps to follow with work (scaffolding)

Mrs Oliphant – she is understanding of everything and she is helpful

The library – because it is calming and quiet when you read

A quieter quiet area

More help with handwriting 

More spelling support


Bug Club phonics.

Playing in the classroom

Playing outside – on the slide.

Learning new things.

Listening to stories.

Helping our friends.

Buddy reading.

Working with children from other classes.



Learning about RE.

Children to not interrupt the teachers so we can learn more.

More toys.

Come to school every day.

Phonics learning

  • Segmenting to spell using magnetic boards.
  • Playing the games on Bug Club.
  • Learning new sounds.
  • Learning to read and write.
  • Sound games.
  • Learning trigraphs and digraphs.
  • Reading on Bug Club at home.
  • More time to play on Bug Club games.
  • To listen to more phonics.
  • To learn even more sounds.