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School Aims

Through our distinctive Christian character we aim for all of our children to:

in all that they do during their time at school and at home. We drive this through our Christian values and curriculum.  The motto 'Every Child Matters' still holds true in our aims of working:

Be Healthy

  • To have access to a range of physical activities
  • To be shown how to live a healthy life

Stay Safe

  • To be happy
  • To enjoy coming to school
  • To feel safe
  • To know they have someone to turn to when they have problems of any sort

Enjoying and Achieving

  • To gain the best education they can
  • To be literate and numerate
  • To enjoy the arts and humanities
  • To be inquisitive
  • To want to learn
  • To be able to excel in what they are good at
  • To be given as many opportunities as possible
  • To be kept interested and stimulated
  • To understand that they may not do well at everything, but will have the confidence to “have a go”
  • To self evaluate work and be prepared to change
  • To continue personal development

Making a Positive Contribution

  • To feel happy about asking questions
  • To question what they are told
  • To contribute to the life of the school and community
  • To contribute to their own learning
  • To want to do their best as much as they can
  • To take pride in being part of the school and community
  • To show respect and be shown respect

Achieving Economic Well-Being

  • To have access to an education that will prepare them for the world of work and the role of adulthood