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School Council

Meet our School Council

This area is where we can tell you all about us and the work we do to help our classes and school; we will add information after our fortnightly meetings!!  

To become a member of our School Council, we were required to present our own speeches, explaining to our classes why we would be able to represent them best and what we could do to help our school. We were then elected from a class vote.

Our School Council is like a family. Our members have different roles and responsibilities, such as the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Vice Secretary but we are all responsible and work together as a team to organise different charity events for the school throughout the year; we also devised our 'Marbles in the Jar' rewards system. We create and present whole school assemblies on a number of different topics to raise awareness too. This year we have delivered Anti-Bullying (see our Anti-Bullying assembly below) and Children in Need assemblies.

We are the voice of the children in our classes and we discuss their ideas and problems, to make our school even better than it is!  

Updated February 2018